The Bassman Presents

Short informative videos on history.

The Octopus Lady

Marine biology videos. Great for when you've had enough about mammals and want to learn about some invertebrates.

The Brain Scoop

Videos on natural history.

Chem Thug

PhD candidate in organic chemistry explains chemistry in short videos.

Climate Town

Informational videos on climate that often include actionable suggestions for what people can do beyond just altering personal habits.

What's Good English

Videos on language (mostly English, but with Spanish and other language learning material) including idiom usage and information on AAVE.

The Art Assignment

Videos on art and art history.

F.D Signifier

Video essays primarily on Black media and movies. Has a side channel worth checking out as well.



A self-described "anti-chef" cooks recipes from famous chefs. As fun as it is to watch the professionals, his experiences in the kitchen feel infinitely more relatable to me, and I enjoy watching him fail and improve over time. Also some of those recipes are ridiculous.

Tasting History

Making-of historic dishes along with relevant history.

Mary's Test Kitchen

Vegan recipes along with some fascinating experiments with plant-based ingredients. I love watching her videos on trying to make different kinds of soy-free tofu, even if I'm just going to stick with the traditional stuff myself.

Yeung Man Cooking

An excellent resource for plant-based cooking, despite Wil Yeung not being vegan himself. Calm and to-the-point narration.